Aloha mai. E ho‘okipa mai. Welcome to the Real Talk PartnerSHIP website, a place for learning about Sexual Health, Intimacy, and Pleasure.

Bruce Shiramizu, physician & University of Hawai‘i researcher
Malulani Orton, medical case manager & community researcher
Keiva Lei Cadena, health educator & community researcher

Let’s talk real!

Intimacy (or enjoying emotional closeness with someone special) and physical pleasure are important. Both intimacy and pleasure contribute to healthy relationships and a sense of personal well-being.

Sexual Health refers to the many things that influence our sexual functioning, pleasure, and risk for sexually transmitted infections like HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), and cancers of the cervix and anus.

At the PartnerSHIP, we realize that Real Talk about these issues may be difficult due to concerns about what is “normal”, “acceptable”, “taboo”, and “safe” to share.

In this  first installment, Real Talk PartnerSHIP focuses on anal health.  We provide information on anal cancer, screening, other helpful resources, and ‘how’ to talk with providers, partners, and others.